In FIFA 16, many players reported the big bug in Chemistry as it is useless for special cards. How it will work in FUT 17? Here we get official information about how FIFA 17 Team Chemistry & Player Chemistry Works, even the attribute values players will receive after using Chemistry Styles cards was detailed by EA Sports. Let's take a look now.   

If a player is in the first eleven, his individual player chemistry will govern the 75 percent of the elements, while the team chemistry will control only the remaining 25 percent.

A player in the starting XI: 25% from Team Chemistry & 75% from Individual Player Chemistry.

A player who comes on as a substitute: 25% from Team Chemistry & 75% from Static Individual Player Chemistry of 5.


On the other hand, if a player is joining the match as a substitute, his individual chemistry will control only the 25 percent elements, as the team chemistry will take up the rest, which is 75 percent. EA revealed that players who join as substitutes will be eligible to receive the benefits of being in a team with high chemistry, but it won’t affect their individual player chemistry in any way.

(Team Chemistry*.25) + ((Player Chemistry*10)*.75)

If the resulting number is greater than 50, players’ attributes start to improve towards their maximum of 99.

If the resulting number is 50, the number is neutral and the player receives no changes from their base attributes.

If the resulting number is 49 or lower, the players’ attributes are reduced towards their minimum of 1.


To help players calculate how their chemistry is being affected, EA has revealed the equation on which it calculates this data. This is one of the major steps in bringing transparency to the game. To know your player’s specific data, you can use this formula: 

(Team Chemistry*.25) + ((Player Chemistry*10)*.75)

    (100*.25) + ((10*10)*.75)

    = 25 + 75

    = 100 (99)


Additionally, the company has prepared a chart that helps players find the attribute values players will receive in FIFA 17. EA warned players that due to the platform’s processor, some of these data may vary from player to player.


fifa 17 chemistry guide


fifa 17 chemistry guide 2

fifa 17 chemistry guide 3

A player with 10 Player Chemistry and 100 Team Chemistry on Xbox One/PS4


With the Sniper Chemistry Style, the player's Shooting attributes will gain 10 points to Positioning, 15 points to Finishing, 10 points to Volleys and 15 points to Penalties. Not every attribute receives a boost however, for example Shot Power and Long Shots remain the same.

Team Management In-Game


EA also confirmed that Team Management will not affect the chemistry in any way. The same is applicable on change in positions and formation.


Physical attributes are affected by a player’s stamina during the match. The attributes affected are as follows:







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